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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Chase is now a Carolina Grad!

Is this Carolina Blue? I hope so, Chase is now a graduate of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We are one proud family. To think, during his freshman year we had to pull him out of school, which he still calls the worst day of his life, and now he is a college graduate from the Business School at UNC! We are so proud of him....
After Basebald for the Cure raising over $17,000, he has decided that raising money and awareness for pediatric cancer is what he wants to do. So, two days after coming home from the College World Series in Omaha, he packed his bags, and his truck, and headed for Austin TX. He is completing an internship for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Lance Armstrong's book was the first book he read after knowing he had cancer. He said it really helped him to prepare for what was to come. Later this summer Chase is expected to begin work with the St. Baldericks Foundation. He is so excited about this position. It will allow him to use his people skills to bring more knowledge of pediatric cancer, raise money for research and keep up with his first "love", Basebald for the Cure. He has a passion for what he is doing, only God has put that in him and God has lead him to all the right places and put all the right people in his path. What a great life Chase is leading and all with God's direction in his life. I have learned so much from my son.
I will try to post some pictures of the events that have happened in the past months.
As always, stay strong,
Judith~mother of Chase

This is Chase with his brother, Jake, and his father, Buddy. Above is Chase on the field at Carolina. He loved being in that uniform. The first is me, Mom, a proud mother of a son who is a Brain Cancer Survivor. :-)

Monday, April 04, 2011

Basebald for the Cure

What a great Carolina Blue sky that shown on Saturday, April 2nd. The 2nd annual Basebald for the Cure was held after the ending of the Clemson vs. UNC game. With thier second win under their belt, the team came out to shave their heads in participation of the event that has now raised over $15,000. This money has gone to the Lineberger Center for the pediatric oncology patients. Here is a video that I found from the Daily Tar Heel. Please watch, it is very inspiring. One of the most touching moments for me was meeting Josh Kates and his mother Darma. I have been in contact with them for a while and this was Josh's first chance to meet Chase. They both share the same diagnosis and the fact that this kind of tumor is so rare makes it even more special. Josh was so inspired by Chase and yet, what Josh doesn't know is that he is an inspiration to us. I will have some pictures soon. Thanks to all who donated to this wonderful cause. Judith~mother of Chase

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Baseball~It's a wonderful life!

Well, the season is underway and if I were to say anything about it, I would say that the Diamond Heels are doing quite well! I don't want to jinx them, but they sure do look great.
In my last posting I mentioned a young man Zion, who the team seemed to have taken under their wings. Today, Chase threw out the first pitch to Zion while he caught it.....almost. The almost is because of a short hop throw Chase made for the first pitch. He was all smiles, I think it was more embarrassment than anything else. The second pitch was right on target and then Zion was all smiles with the catch.
This upcoming weekend, March 30th - April 1st, the Tarheels will be playing Clemson. But more importantly, the annual Basebald for the Cure will be happening on Sunday the 1st. Quite an exciting time for Chase, and busy. Lots of putting together this event and that event to help raise the money. The Sunday shaving of the heads is the conclusion of it all. The goal is $10,000 to go to the Lineberger Center. I feel sure they will make that goal, but it isn't too late to get in your donation. :-)
If you can, come on out to the Bosh and watch some heads being shaved. It is kinda neat to see the shape of those ball player's heads with no hair. I sure hope they have ordered new hats, because we all know that without hair, they just don't fit the same. Hee Hee
Until next time,
Judith~mother of Chase

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Long time, no see.....sorry for our absence. My mother always said "No news is good news." And so it is. All is well with us and especially Chase. He is in his last semester of undergraduate at UNC Chapel Hill and is actively interviewing and job searching. Of course we all know where his passion lies, helping others, children especially who have cancer.

Baseball season is underway now that February has come. He continues to be involved in the sport he loves so much and they are looking forward to a great year. Last weekend Chase was able to speak at the Carolina Baseball's First Picth Dinner and before that he spoke at the Lineberger Cancer Center that just opened up. He and the team were able to raise $6,500 that went toward that center. They will do the shaving of the heads again this year on April 2nd. Stay tuned for more about that as it draws nearer.

Recently, Chase and the baseball team were involved in a wonderful story about a boy from Wilmington who had brain surgery. Again, the team came in and supported that child and made a difference in his life. May Chase and others continue to make such stories and make a child's day.

As always, thanks for the continued prayers for Chase and others who deal with cancer.

Judith~mother of Chase

Thursday, January 27, 2011

January already?

It has been such a long time since last posting, I really am sorry about that. However, as they say..."No news is good news." Chase is in his last semester of his undergraduate career and doing very well. He has had many, many interviews and a still hoping for a job come May. God has a special assignment for him when it is time. Patience is a virture that he and I are learning.
Chase has many things going on besides his last school semester. He is still involved with Carolina Dreams, Eve Carson Scholarship duties, baseball and his happiest times, helping kids at UNC Hospital. He amazes me at how he touches so many lives. We lost a dear one, James Neubauer, the adopted child from Friends of Jaclyn. James earned his wings back in November. This hit Chase hard and he still has a hard time with those that lose their lives when he was fortunate enough to survive. But I know that there is always a reason for what God does and that reason will become apparent, we just need to be patient.

In the meantime, Chase has been working with an Entrepenior Business class in which he can connect patients at UNC with past patients so they have someone to talk with while being in the hospital and being treated. This is something that Chase has been doing since his recovery. To him, it is just natural. To others, maybe they just need the right connections. He would have loved someone his age to talk to while he was sick. His heart is always in the right place.

The most recent child is Zion Kinlaw, a 10 year old who had brain surgery at UNC. The baseball team visited Zion during his stay at UNC and got to know him and uplifted him during his recovery. Zion will be catching the first pitch while Chase throws the pitch at the UNC vs. Duke game in March. If you would like to read more about this, here's the link. Be sure to read all the pages. I have spoken with Jennifer, Zion's mother, and they are raising money to give to the Neurology Department to help continue helping others like Zion. You can find that information in the article.

All in all, we are doing well. Chase is excited about his future, still commited to kids and wants a job working nonprofit or at least one that will be benifiting children who are going through diseases that, really, no child should have to endure.

As always, we appreciate the love, support and prayers that so many give to us and to those that are affected by cancer.

Thanks for being a part of the chain that can help others.
Judith~mother of Chase